In recent years, Georgia has witnessed a significant exodus of property and auto insurance carriers, leaving many homeowners and drivers grappling with uncertainty. Several factors have contributed to this trend, with construction costs, inflation, catastrophic weather events, and personal injury lawsuits topping the list. The rising costs of construction have made it increasingly expensive for insurance companies to rebuild or repair damaged properties, leading to higher payouts. Moreover, the surge in inflation has further strained insurers’ financial capacities, prompting them to reevaluate their presence in the Georgia market.

Catastrophic weather events, including hurricanes, tornadoes, and severe storms, have become more frequent and intense, causing substantial damage to properties and vehicles. Insurance carriers are finding it challenging to keep up with the escalating claims resulting from these natural disasters. Simultaneously, personal injury lawsuits are on the rise, adding another layer of financial pressure on insurers. The combination of these factors has created a challenging environment for insurance carriers operating in Georgia, prompting many to exit the market.

In the midst of these challenges, the R&R Insurance Group emerges as a beacon of support for Georgia residents seeking stable insurance coverage. As an independent brokerage, R&R Insurance Group offers a lifeline for those affected by the departure of carriers. Their platform, accessible at, provides access to multiple carriers, allowing individuals to compare and choose the most suitable coverage for their needs. This not only ensures that clients can navigate the increasing rates but also facilitates the continuation of a trusted relationship with the same agent. In these hard market times, where finding a new carrier can be daunting, Donnan Oyler and R&R Insurance Group stand as reliable allies, offering personalized solutions to weather the storm. For assistance, you can reach them at 706-991-9832, securing peace of mind in times of uncertainty.