Recessions are a difficult period for everyone in the country, but they especially impact business owners who face serious challenges, such as decreased profits and sales, cost cutting, and layoffs. Although you may be looking for ways to keep costs down, it’s important to maintain those strong insurance policies in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Below, we’ve highlighted some of the main types of commercial business insurance that are essential to have during a recession.

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Protecting Your Assets Is Key to Successfully Navigating a Recession

Both large and small businesses are affected by recessions, and if you want to survive this economic downturn, then you should protect your assets. Assets include everything from cash and cash equivalents to property, equipment, vehicles, furniture, and more, and having the right business insurance policy will help you avoid any major costs that could endanger your company.

For example, if your business operates out of a building with a large amount of physical assets, then commercial property insurance is essential. In the event of a fire, smoke damage, flooding, or vandalism, a strong insurance policy will help pay for the repairs and keep your business in operation. This can be extremely beneficial if you’re trying to stick to a budget.

Understand Liability Risks and Get the Best Insurance For Your Business

Liability claims are another situation that businesses need to be ready for in a recession, as they can have a significant financial impact. General liability insurance, also called commercial general liability insurance, protects your business from claims that happen during normal business operations.

Some examples include customer injury, such as a customer slipping and falling at your restaurant, and customer property damage, which may occur if an employee damages a customer’s property.

Avoid Financial Losses With Workers’ Compensation Insurance

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Similar to general liability insurance, workers’ compensation insurance is another key type of business insurance that can reduce the risk of unexpected costs in a recession. Should one of your employees become sick or injured on the job, workers’ compensation insurance can help pay for medical expenses and a portion of lost wages. For businesses, this type of coverage can even help with legal costs if there is a lawsuit.

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