Insure Your Christmas Gifts – It’s Worth It

Did you get some amazing gifts this past Christmas? Well, if so, it is important to make sure you have the right protection for your newest assets. When it comes down to insuring your valuables, you need to make sure you have the right coverage. To learn about scheduled personal property coverage, and personal article floaters regarding your precious jewelry, electronics, or collections, keep reading!

Scheduled Personal Property Coverage

This type of coverage is an add-on to your current insurance policy, and it protects more against the risks on your highly valuable items, such as a new diamond necklace that you got for Christmas or maybe a new expensive camera that you purchased for yourself recently. Scheduled personal property coverage may protect your belongings with more coverage than your current standard policy (Policygenius). In the case that your belongings get stolen, accidentally damaged, or happened to disappear from your home, a scheduled personal property policy should be able to help cover the loss as long as it is added to your policy and within the limits on your policy.

Personal Article Floater

This type of policy goes hand-in-hand with scheduled personal property coverage. Personal article floaters provide coverage beyond your standard policy, as mentioned above. For anyone with valuables, such as jewelry, artwork, cameras, TV’s, instruments, gold, China, and/or furs, a personal article floater policy may be in your best interest. The process for implementing personal article floaters into your insurance policy begins with submitting information about each item you are wanting to insure. This piece of information is called a “schedule.” When each item is appraised, it can be added to the policy. One thing about personal article floaters is that they are not limited to one location. Personal article floaters can cover most of your scheduled property from anywhere in the world as long as it is on the policy.

While receiving nice things is a wonderful gesture, taking care of your new possessions and making sure that they are properly covered on your insurance policies is vital and can help remove some of the risks that come along with owning nicer things. In order to make sure that your assets are covered properly, R&R Insurance Group would be happy to go over the best practices for your assets, the risk that comes along with owning them, and how we would best go about protecting them for the future.

R&R insurance group is located in Greensboro, Georgia. If you are a homeowner in these areas and you are looking to get Insurance coverage on your valuable belongings, we would love to speak with you today. Give us a call at 706-991-9832. We are here to help get you the best protection and coverage possible!