Halloween in Georgia 2020: What to Know

We all know that things are looking a little different these days. Masks, limited numbers of people in stores and restaurants, and other significant lifestyle changes have had a huge impact on Georgians and Americans as a whole. As we approach the holiday season, it is important to know how to move forward and still enjoy ourselves. There are a number of activities for all kinds of crowds this fall that are safely managed, and some are even contactless! To learn more about the best practices for Georgians and fall activities, keep reading! And remember, stay healthy and safe as you fill your candy baskets!

As mentioned above, kids this year are experiencing something we all have never experienced before. The changes in school and that parents are facing with work have thrown our old lifestyles out the door with not much room for adjustment. However, it is important to remain positive and have some fun this fall, depending on personal preference, of course!

The CDC advises that parents take a precaution while trick-or-treating this year to make sure families stay healthy together.

If you are going to go door-to-door, it is recommended that you stay in one small group. Trick-or-treating is a blast. A key tip for kids is to hook on a small hand sanitizer bottle onto their candy baskets to prevent the spread of germs. This way, kids and parents can enjoy the fun of trick-or-treating and follow safety measures at the same time!

For those that might not be trick-or-treating in door-to-door fashion this year, try a Halloween scavenger hunt or even driveway trick-or-treating! Leaving goodie bags at the front of a driveway can help relieve some of the stress parents may feel while still giving kids the Halloween activities they know and love.

There are numerous other fall activities that families can have fun in Georgia while taking safety precautions. Pumpkin patches, apple picking, a drive through the mountains to see Georgia’s beautiful foliage, and even decorating for Halloween are some fun activities that the kids can help out with, too!

Here are some other great ideas for activities this fall:

  1. Visit the Roswell Mill
  2. Hike Sawnee Mountain, Stone Mountain, or Kennesaw Mountain
  3. Visit a pumpkin patch
  4. Safely trick-or-treat
  5. Haunted Highway Family Experience (contactless activity for those who prefer)
  6. HALLOWFEST – Presented by Six Flags
  7. Buford Corn Maze
  8. North Point Mall Carnival
  9. Netherworld Haunted House
  10. Kids’ Haunted Houses

As we continue to navigate this new way of life, it is important to remember to stay healthy and partake in fall activities in the safest ways possible. Don’t forget to wear a mask, carry some hand sanitizer, and enjoy this time and season with your loved ones as much as you can.

R&R Insurance wishes you a healthy and safe fall season!