A common question people ask is should we bundle our home, auto and life insurance to save money. And the answer is, yes!

At R&R Insurance Group, we suggest you bundle your services to save money. After all, who doesn’t like having a one-stop-shop for all of your insurance needs?

We offer companion discounts and unique product tiers if you go through us to purchase multiple policies. A good homeowners, auto and life insurance bundle will ideally save you more money than if you purchased the policies at different companies.

Bundling Saves You Money

This strategy isn’t noticeable right off the bat. Let’s say an unfortunate event happens, like a tree falling through your garage and crushing your car. Without bundling, you’d have to file separate claims for the same event, with separate insurers, and pay separate deductibles. By bundling those policies under one carrier, you may have to file just one claim for the same event and pay just a single deductible.

It’s also important to remember when one company is handling all of your insurance policies, that’s less time you must spend sorting through and paying each policy. And as they say: Time is money.

Bundling is convenient

Bundling makes managing policies easier, cuts down on paperwork, cuts down on the amount of time you’ll spend trying to remember login information and passwords, and reduces the inconvenience of having to communicate with multiple carriers about multiple policies.

It also reduces the time you’ll spend talking to an agent about changing or adding to existing homeowners or car insurance policies. If the agent already knows who you are and is aware of your assets and family situation, it’s going to be far more painless when you need to add additional coverage, apply discounts, or add riders to a homeowners or car insurance policy.

Saving money upfront on policies is a strong motivator, of course, but it’s not the only reason for bundling. One advantage for buying multiple policies with one company is gaining familiarity with that provider.

How to bundle your auto and homeowners insurance policies

At R&R Insurance group, our goal is to make the auto, homeowners and life insurance purchasing process even more convenient. We’ll let you know if it makes sense to bundle or to mix and match with multiple carriers based on your specific needs, and without sacrificing your coverage.

To discuss bundling your insurance policies, contact R&R Insurance Group today or schedule an appointment to visit us at our office in Greensboro.