R&R Insurance Group offers superior, targeted, comprehensive coverage to commercial real estate managers and owners. You can rely on us to support any kind of commercial business, including:

  • Industrial: distribution centers, R&D and flex buildings, and manufacturing facilities
  • Office: classes A, B, and C
  • Retail: enclosed shopping malls, open-air strip shopping centers, and independent buildings

R&R Insurance group provides enhanced business interruption coverage:

  • Contract cancellation: If a tenant cancels a lease for one of your properties due to a covered cause of loss, this coverage offers up to $50,000 compensation for business income loss.
  • Anchor stores: If the real property of an anchor store suffers direct physical damage, this coverage offers up to $100,000 compensation for lost business income from rent.
  • Access to premises: If the retail center owner’s property experiences obstructed access due to direct physical damage to suffered by an adjacent property, the coverage offers up to $50,000 compensation for loss of business income from rent.

R&R Insurance provides marine coverages that include builder’s risk for installation of new equipment and new construction, and our risk engineering consultants provide the kind of risk management support that allows commercial real estate ventures to thrive, including:

  • Evaluations of automatic sprinkler systems
  • Risk engineering surveys of your properties, which is especially important for multitenant properties
  • Information on preventative maintenance of mechanical and electrical equipment
  • Information on inspection and maintenance of roofs

R&R Insurance Group offers commercial auto coverage that includes:

  • Vehicle fleets you own, non-owned automobiles, and rented vehicles.
  • Automobiles rented by employees in their own name, but on your behalf

We also reduce the average duration of disability for injured workers by helping them return to work as swiftly as is medically appropriate. We do this by guiding injured workers and their families through the recovery process, by consulting nurse case managers who give our adjusters insight on lost-time and medical claims that are particularly complex, and by coordinating overall return-to-work efforts.

R&R Insurance Group offers bundled options that allow you to choose targeted, comprehensive coverage that does not require additional endorsements and therefore spares you the extra servicing and maintenance of accounts demanded by those endorsements.

We can provide coverage to newly formed or acquired LLCs (limited liability companies) and LLPs (limited liability partnerships) for up to 45 days, and additional insured status for individual investor-owners who comprise the LLP or LLC, to fulfill the written contract between property owner and manager.

R&R Insurance Group offers liability and asset protection designed to cover contingent business and property income if the tenant of an owner who transfers responsibility via triple net leases does not secure the insurance required for the agreement.

Furthermore, we offer commercial umbrellas with up to 25 million-dollar limits over the primary auto or general liability coverage.

R&R Insurance Group’s superior claims services include:

  • Special fraud investigators who partner with claims professionals to uncover unwarranted and groundless claims.
  • Claims reporting 24 hours a day, seven days a week—crucial for anyone in the commercial real estate industry, for whom almost 70% of third-party claims will be slips and falls.

Additional services and coverages and higher limits may be available for higher premiums as a part of R&R Insurance Groups adaptable, comprehensive, coverage options. Call or visit today to discuss your individual needs.

At R&R Insurance, we want to give you the right amount and types of coverage, so you can relax and focus on growing your business.

Call us today at (706) 991-9832 or submit our online contact form for a no strings attached Free Risk Assessment of your business.

We will review and offer solutions:

  • Loss Controls
  • Worker’s Compensation Discounts
  • Reduce Premiums