Insurance for Manufacturers

All businesses need insurance to protect their success and their future. Without quality insurance coverage, small trade manufacturers are vulnerable to the harmful impact that workplace accidents or property loss can have on workers, facilities, and profits. R&R Insurance Group will partner with you to protect the people, equipment, property, and overall financial well-being that keeps your business going strong.

R&R Insurance Group tailors coverage to address your unique set of needs.

  • Equipment Breakdown: Repairs or replaces lost or damaged core equipment. Extended coverage also covers:
    • Extra expenses so you can keep operating
      1. Lost income in case of a temporary shutdown
      2. Lost income in case of power or other utility loss
      3. The value of contaminated or spoiled products
  • Contract Penalty: Covers the cost of penalties you are required to pay if you are unable to deliver services or products as agreed.
  • Consequential Loss Assumption: Protects you in the case of catastrophic events that may damage part of your inventory and reduce the value of undamaged inventory.
  • Operational Replacement Cost: Covers the replacement of damaged, lost, or stolen equipment/property with new, comparable equipment/property.
  • Selling Price: When your business suffers a covered loss, you will receive the finished stock value at the selling price, minus expenses and discounts.
  • Product Recall Costs: In the case of product recalls, this coverage protects your income in the face of expensive notifications, warehousing, shipping, and additional personnel.
  • Extra Expense and Loss of Business Income: If you are forced to shut down due to a direct loss, you can get help with expenses that arise from the loss, and you will be compensated for the income you would have otherwise earned.
  • Additionally Acquired or Newly Formed Entities: If you hold a majority interest in a newly acquired business to streamline service or production, or in a new location, your liability coverage can be stretched to include the new acquisition or entity.

R&R Insurance Group can offer you additional coverages:

  • Cyber Liability and Data Breach: Protects you if your business gets hacked by covering the cost of managing public relations, securing legal defense, and notifying customers and business partners who are impacted.
  • Commercial Automobile: If your company experiences an accident involving one of your vehicles, the cost of the vehicle damage is covered, and you are protected in case of legal action that may be taken against your business.
  • Manufacturer’s E & O: Protects you if a manufacturing error leads to product malfunction that causes loss to your customers.
  • Workers Compensation: If one of your employees gets hurt on the job, this will help to cover medical costs, lost wages, and return-to-work support.
  • Umbrella: This additional layer of protection ensures that you are covered beyond general liability and commercial auto coverage in the case of a large lawsuit or claim.

With R&R Insurance Group’s risk control services, you can learn to prevent accidents. We can assess your manufacturing business to identify vulnerabilities and come up with practical, sustainable changes that will mitigate risk and safeguard your people, property, and profits.

With R&R Insurance Group’s dedicated staff, you can expect to receive the ideal outcome on every claim. We are always here when you need us to do what’s right, offer practical solutions, and ensure that everything goes as smoothly and easily as possible. We can address your concerns through the life of the claim, so you can focus your attention where it is really needed—on your thriving business.

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We will review and offer solutions:

    • Loss Controls

    • Worker’s Compensation Discounts

    • Reduce Premiums