Insurance for the Hospitality Business

When you work in the hospitality business, you need protection 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The independent risk managers of R&R Insurance Group understand the far-reaching impact that unforeseen events like a flood or elevator malfunction can have on your business. We may have the expertise, but we also take the time to get to know the individual complexities of your business, so that we can offer the ideal protection for you, your staff, your guests, and your financial future.

We provide coverage that is customized to the unique characteristics of the hospitality business and to your unique situation and goals. Whether you are a small B&B or a nationwide chain of resort hotels, we can offer you the kind of security that allows a business to thrive.

Coverage Customized for You by R&R Insurance Group

  • Guest Property in Safe Deposit Box- You want your guest’s property to be protected as closely as your own, and we can make sure that happens whenever your guests use a safe deposit box at your place of business.
  • Umbrella- If a guest is seriously injured by a slip and fall on your premises, and requires multiples surgeries that prohibit them from working, we can provide liability coverage above your primary limits.
  • Guest Emergency Evacuation Expense- We can cover any expenses incurred due to emergency evacuations directed by a civil authority.
  • Bodily Injury Redefined- Our coverage can address costs related to any sickness, disease, death, injury or mental anguish experienced by an individual while on your premises.
  • Food Contamination and Associated Coverage- If food contamination leads to a mandated closing from the Board of Health, we will cover the cost of replacing contaminated goods and cleaning your equipment and kitchen. Additional expenses can be covered as well, such as advertising to restore your reputation.
  • Damage to Patron’s Vehicles- Your guest’s vehicles and the contents inside will be covered when they are left in the control, custody, or care of a hired parking attendant.
  • Lock Replacement and Lost Key Coverage- With today’s digital locks and magnetic stripe readers, the cost of replacing keys, installing and programming new locks, or rekeying or reprogramming locks to accept new keys can be considerable, but we can cover you in the event of a damaged or lost master key.
  • Equipment Breakdown- Not only will we cover the repair or replacement of any lost or damaged equipment you need to run your business, we can cover your loss of income in case of a temporary shut-down of all or part of your business, as well as the cost of utility service interruption, extra expenses incurred, or contaminated or spoiled products.
  • Medical Payments- Whether or not you are legally liable, we can cover the medical expenses of a customer who gets injured on your premises.
  • Each Location General Aggregate Limit- If you have a portfolio of multiple hotel properties, we can apply the general aggregate limit separately to each location you rent or own.

Your business is one of a kind, and it needs better than cookie-cutter coverage. We take the time to get to know your unique hospitality business so that we can provide you with customized coverage that will protect your best interests.

Protecting You by Dealing with Accidents Before They Happen

As independent risk management advisors, R&R Insurance Group works with you to protect your income, property, and employees, by conducting a smart assessment of your business and any potential exposures to risk. We then make practical recommendations that allow you to mitigate those risks and avoid problem situations before they can occur.

R&R Insurance Group Provides the Best Possible Result for Every Claim

Our job is to be there when you need us, provide you with advice and solutions, and make all aspects of the insurance claims process as smooth as possible. We will manage your claim with experience, knowledge, and courtesy. We keep the lines of communication open and will always make sure to inform and reassure you so that you can concentrate on business as usual, confident that we will deliver the best possible outcome.

Call us today at (706) 991-9832 or submit a contact form online for a no strings attached Free Risk Assessment of your business.

We will review and offer solutions:

  • Loss Controls

  • Worker’s Compensation Discounts

  • Reduce Premiums