Artisan Contractor Insurance for your Business

The foundation of success in any business is security and stability. For a contractor, that means partnering with independent risk advisors like those at R & R Insurance Group. We understand how important it is to keep things running smoothly on a project, even in the face of equipment malfunction, employee injury, or job site accidents.

We safeguard your workers, your projects, and your financial future with customized insurance coverage designed to fit your business’s unique needs and goals.

Property Insurance

  • Contractor’s equipment- coverage protecting the equipment used on projects, both while on the job site, and in transit or in storage. From hand and power tools to generators and compressors, we provide options to cover the value of loaned, rented, or owned contracting equipment.

  • Builder’s risk- coverage that protects your supplies, materials, and the structures you work on for all kinds of jobs from beginning to end.

  • Contractor’s amendment of pollution exclusion- this coverage protects your liability for property damage or bodily injury related to the accidental pollution of a job site by the contractor.

  • Equipment breakdown- If your equipment malfunctions, breaks down, or is lost or damaged, this coverage not only covers repair or replacement, it compensates you for the loss of income you may experience due to work delays, the value of contaminated products, or any unforeseen expenses incurred as a result of the breakdown.

  • Employees’ tools- insurance covering the loss or damage of employee-owned tools, up to $1,000 per tool and $25,000 per occurrence.

  • Property off-premises-  coverage that protects your business property while it is away from the described premises. This can be expanded to include electronic data up to $50,000.

  • Installation- business property insurance that also covers property you intend to install somewhere away from your primary location of business.


  • Contractor’s errors and omissions- coverage against claims for damages that result from an error or omission made by you or an employee in your work. Provided on a claims-made basis, this coverage has available limits up to $1,000,000/$1,000,000.

  • Additional insured- blanket additional insurance coverage required by permit or contract agreement, covering those for whom you work, business equipment, or the people from whom you rent or lease your business premises.

  • Primary noncontributory- to help you comply with construction contracts which require it, we offer primary and noncontributory coverage for an additional insured.

  • Limited pollution- liability coverage for property damage or bodily injury caused by the use, application, or storage of herbicides, pesticides, or fertilizers by landscape gardeners.

  • Construction projects- with a general aggregate per project, this coverage applies to individual construction projects with separate aggregate limits.

Additional Coverages

  • Workers compensation- coverage for an injured employee’s medical costs and lost wages, including return to work support, for jobsite or workplace injuries.

  • Cyber liability and data breach- coverage for the cost of securing legal defense, notifying affected clients, and managing public relations if any sensitive data is compromised.

  • Commercial automobile- vehicle insurance that covers physical damage, as well as liability in the case of collisions or accidents.

  • Umbrella- coverage that goes beyond general liability and commercial auto limits, to provide additional protection for your contracting business in the event of a lawsuit or large claim.

Protecting You by Dealing with Accidents Before They Happen

As independent risk management advisors, R&R Insurance Group works with you to protect your income, property, and employees, by conducting a smart assessment of your business and any potential exposures to risk.

We then make practical recommendations that allow you to mitigate those risks and avoid problem situations before they can occur.

R&R Insurance Group Provides the Best Possible Result for Every Claim

Our job is to be there when you need us, to provide you with advice and solutions, and to make all aspects of the insurance claims process as smooth as possible. We will manage your claim with experience, knowledge, and courtesy.

We keep the lines of communication open and will always make sure to inform and reassure you, so that you can concentrate on business as usual, confident that we will deliver the best possible outcome.

Call us today at (706) 991-9832 or submit our contact form for a no strings attached Free Risk Assessment of your business.

We will review and offer solutions:

  • Loss Controls

  • Worker’s Compensation Discounts

  • Reduce Premiums