Comfort and Compensation After an Accidental Needlestick Injury

The fear felt after an accidental needlestick injury in the workplace is natural and undeniable for everyone involved, but you can minimize your panic by having a worker’s compensation insurance policy in place, and by taking immediate action.

If you or your employee experiences an accidental needle stick, follow your workplace guidelines for immediate wound care, and make sure you understand what is expected next regarding blood tests, and possible medications to ward off infection. Make sure to report the incident to the manager or supervisor, or the appropriate department in your place of work, such as infection control, or occupational health

Next, make sure to report the accidental needlestick to your insurance provider, and let the trained claim professionals guide you through the compensation process. A good workers comp insurance policy will pay for the cost of diagnostic blood tests for any patients and employees involved. Once you know if there are any bloodborne pathogens to be concerned with, you can proceed with informed procedures and avoid implementing any unnecessary treatments. In most cases, there will be no infection present in the patient’s blood, and nothing to worry about. In cases where there is HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B or C, or other infection present in the patient’s blood, knowing exactly what you’re up against will allow you to reduce risk and target treatment.

Source Patient Testing can be completed on-site, or by any lab facility or medical provider the patient chooses, although prompt testing and treatment is always the best course of action. In all cases, test results should be handled according to medical privacy legislation, which includes not sharing information related to Source Patient Testing with the insurance provider.

Bills for both Source Patient Testing and employee testing should be submitted as part of a workers comp reimbursement claim, and a claim professional will help you direct the bill for payment. Your insurance provider will have special procedures for handling these claims to make sure that the patient’s privacy is safeguarded. Like with any other kind of workers compensation injury, professionals will be available to answer questions and help you at every step along the way. Their job is to ease your mind by making sure that the injured employee receives the best treatment for their recovery.

Insurance is all about security, and your workers compensation coverage is there to keep you safe, both professionally and personally.

Donnan Oyler, President
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